Ever since the cell phone necklace emerged into our lives, we find ourselves asking how did we ever manage to live without it? Fashion experts predict this fabulous accessory is here to stay, and it has all the reasons to. The cell phone necklace, also known as a strap or a modular lanyard, transforms your cell phone into a stylish accessory. You wear it crossbody, which frees you from the need to hold your cell or put it in your pocket. Whether you're an iPhone or an Android user, this invention is just one of those small and straightforward yet next-level genii that both improve your life plus upgrades your style. We're really excited about this trend, and we know you will be too. So, why exactly did the necklace go viral, and why should you adopt it asap? That's what we're here to tell you. Here are our top 10 reasons to hurry up and get a cell phone necklace too.

  • You Will Never Forget or Lose Your Phone Again. We undoubtedly have too many things to keep track of daily. It is no surprise that we end up leaving or losing our stuff all the time. How many times did you leave the house while leaving your cell phone behind? This genius accessory is going to end this problem for you at once. Since you wear the necklace crossbody, it will become a part of your daily outfit, making sure you have your cell with you at all times. That's a lifesaver hack right there.
  • Mommy Must Have. Diapers, wipes, burp cloths, a pacifier, bottles, snacks for the older kids, pushing the stroller, you name it. When you're a mom, you need your hands free at all times to take care of your little one. It's no surprise then that mommies swear by the smartphone necklace. Once you carry your smartphone crossbody, you are free for the rest. It's lightweight, it's accessible, it's right there all the time, and most of all, it makes it all much more manageable.
  • No More Missed Calls. Don't you just hate it when your phone is at the bottom of your purse when it rings, and you can't reach it on time? Well, say goodbye to that annoying moment. With the crossbody necklace, you can either wear it on your shoulder or leave it hanging out of your purse for an easy and quick grab when your phone rings.
  • Be On-Trend. Smartphone necklaces were brought into the public eye by fashion models wearing them on fashion weeks from NYC to Berlin and Paris. Fashionistas started following their track, and the rest is history. This booming trend is popping up everywhere, and we love it. Simply wear one, and you'll see. Random people will ask you where you got this gorgeous piece from and where they can get one too. At the end of the day, more than its' functionality side, the cell phone necklace is a statement fashion piece for itself. So, get ready to feel like a celebrity yourself.
  • Hands-Free No Matter Where. Are you a physician or a nurse? Most likely, you need your hands free. Are you a hairstylist? You need your hands free. Are you a makeup artist? You need your hands free. A lawyer? A student? A salesperson? An office worker? A general manager? A driver? A waiter? You, too, need your hands free. With the cell phone necklace, you won't need to worry about misplacing your mobile when you can't hold it in your hands any longer.
  • Great for Traveling. Who doesn't like snapping great pics while vacationing? Even better, who doesn't like showing off by posting those incredible shots on social media? Capturing great moments has never been easier with the cell phone necklace right at hand. While wearing your crossbody strap necklace, you'll have your phone quickly at hand to take the beautiful shots you desire. The smartphone necklace has become a travel essential precisely for that reason. To make a long story short: whether you are a traveler, a blogger, or just visiting a great location, you will never miss a moment worth capturing with the cell phone necklace by your side.
  • Best Companion While Jogging, Walking Your Dog, Shopping, Running Errands, Riding Your Bike, Going Out with Friends, or Visiting a Festival, the list can go on and on as you will use the necklace wherever you go. A smartphone necklace is a perfect marriage between wearability, innovation, and functionality.