dream. dare. create. 

After years of international marketing careers and brand development under our belts, we had an inner urge to redefine success on our own terms.

We were always drawn to the world of creativity, design, and inspiration, and deep inside we knew exactly what our brand will stand for. and just like that, one day it happened. lovie, a luxury lifestyle house that celebrates our true desires, femininity, and our vision to make all women beautiful and empowered. 

lovie exist for the love of fashion. Our mission is to inspire innovation with fashion by offering women new and chic solutions they need to live care-free lives. We value quality and offer 100% vegan leather handmade craftsmanship with high-quality hardware, creating fashion pieces that are timeless, elegant, and cruelty free. Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it is behind our devotion to the things we want to see happening, the strength of our desire, and the size of our dreams. lovie, in one word, is inspiration. Our love is your lovie.

Lital & Tali